Have A Whale Of A Time! A Review.

Fun fact: the phrase “a whale of a time” was coined around 1910 and of course means a great deal of fun. Not relevant to the review, but just another wrinkle for you!

Math is hard. I am not a math person. My dad and Hubby have math brains, Auntie Fred has a masters in physics, and I am over here drawing pictures to figure out how to triple a recipe. Cooking math is as hard as I get. Even percentages throw me, I have to break out the calculator (the one every math teacher growing up said I wouldn’t always have with me to do math problems) to figure out how much something will be on sale at the store.

So when we started homeschooling, Hubby and I agreed he would do math. Well that hasn’t always worked out with his work schedule, so I have had to face my stress-inducing subject and learn how to teach Bug math. Hubby still does a lot of math games and such with her, but we have very different teaching methods and strengths. Hes plays with hundred blocks, I play with Mobi.

We were actually sent the Mobi original by an out-of-state relative who lives less than a mile away from the best toy store I have ever seen. I had no idea what it was when I opened up the box and saw a whale. I thought it was a stuffed animal at first! I opened it up and saw it was a game much like Bananagrams and was instantly hooked!

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Playing with Mobi original was a weekly occurrence through our first year of homeschooling.

Then. Mobi came out with a new game…MobiKids. I was so excited! And after a lot of searching local stores and finding nothing, Hubby surprised me and bought MobiKids!! Now we have both! One can go in our to-go bag and one can stay in the house!

Now that we have both, I wanted to share the differences between the original Mobi and MobiKids. So for those of you reading who are not sure which version would be right for you and your kiddo, you can make an informed decision.

First, price. I was gifted the original, but it is $20 on Amazon. Also found on Amazon is the MobiKids for $17. Both are prime as well. If you are lucky enough to live near a toy store, you will most likely be able to find the original. MobiKids was just recently released in August of this year (2017), so it hasn’t made all the rounds yet.

So, the original Mobi served us well for our first year homeschooling. We played many different games with the tiles, none of which were probably intended when it was created, but we have never played any game how it is intended! We used flat marbles to represent the numbers, we played a similar game to find the sound (which we play often with our Word-A-Melon); find the number. I would pick a number tile out of Mobi and tell the girls to find two of something, or something with five or more stripes, or something that had four legs (usually our kitty).


The original Mobi was great. Then we got MobiKids. The tiles are brighter colors, it comes with an activity booklet that I got lots of ideas from, and there are less math symbol tiles. There is only addition, subtraction and equal signs; Original Mobi has multiplication and division symbols as well.

MobiKids was an instant hit solely because of the colors! My girls love bright colors so they were so excited to start playing. We took it outside and played on our picnic blanket in the sun. We lined up the numbers 1-10, Bug HAD to find all the equal signs and put them in a line, Six was super confused because the 6 and 9 tiles are interchangeable and she couldn’t wrap her little brain around that concept (she’s four, we give her a break).


We came inside and found our shape blocks and found the number of sides they each had and put the number tile with them. We counted how many legs their toys had, and we had to line up more equal signs.

Overall, the MobiKids is a much better fit for us. And I love the Mobi games in the little booklet. I would definitely recommend Mobi original or kids for any homeschooler. There are so many ways to adapt and play to fit your needs and it makes math fun which, to me, is very important.

We will continue to use MobiKids in our homeschool and keep Mobioriginal in our to-go bag for when we are out and about and have a moment to play a game. These are really great games as well because they don’t take up a ton of room. Board games are one of my most frustrating things to organize and with pouch games we can just throw them in a basket. Or if you want to be silly, like we are, you can get a fruit stand for all your pouch games!

I hope you will check out Mobi games and find one that will work for you! They are really great resources and fun, interactive, hands-on learning tools!


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