Words and Fruit: A Review

It’s no secret that this family loves Bananagrams games, kind of obsessively. Well they have done it again.

Bananagrams just came out with an amazing new game, that they were kind enough to send us. Word-A-Melon. It is another amazing game and learning resource. And of course I didn’t use it as they probably intended.


Firstly though, guys. The packaging and container. Is so stinking cute. They really got this so right. When you first open that zipper, and open the little flap, there is rind! Ha! it made me giggle. The rind has the instructions on it and ideas of how you could play with it.


Opening this game up with my girls was like Christmas morning for all of us. We don’t get a lot of large mail like this, so when “the ups man” dropped it off I had already turned giddy and the girls were hot on my tail watching me open the box. I sat on the floor with them and we inspected the pouch and talked about what it looked like. They insisted it had to be named Walter, after a cake that Yolanda of How To Cake It makes, one of our favorite cake videos ever of hers.


We opened up the pouch, had a giggle about the rind, then pulled out the “jaw” as we have started calling it….we have watched too many shark videos, but I will give my girls credit for this one because it is kind of the same shape as a set of jaws!

I took a few minutes to set it up how the instructions say to, and kind of playing around with the concept while the girls and I talked about the seeds, the letter tiles, and how they aren’t real seeds but are supposed to look like them, and how now they want to plant a “watermaymow”. Then they found the dice and they were so confused by it! It was actually pretty cute to see them go from confused to giggling about it. The dice has 3 numbers on it, two 3’s, two 4’s and two 5’s, they are used to the traditional D6 with 1-6.


Okay Okay, I will explain how to “actually” use this awesome fruit. So, the way Bananagrams suggests you play is this. You put all the seeds (letter tiles) face down in the circles, you roll the dice and you flip over that many seeds then create a word using those letters. So if you roll a four on the dice, then flip over four seeds. If you can only make a 3 letter word, then take the letters you used and flip over the unused letter seed. One word per turn! Whoever has the most seeds at the end of the game is the winner!

Since my kiddos are still working on basic words, I had to tweak the original guidelines to fit our needs.

So, first we decided to crack open a Highlights magazine. Bug is kind of obsessed with them, and you can tell that they are well loved. She picked her favorite (of the day) and turned to her favorite (of the day) page. we took turns flipping seeds and finding something in the picture that started with that letter/sound. It was great to work on letter sounds with Six as well!

Then after about a half hour of talking about all the silly things happening on the page and finding ten matches for the letters we flipped over, we tried another game. Similar to one we played with our My First Bananagrams that you can find here, we flipped over the seeds and went on a toy hunt around the living room to find toys that started with that sound.

A cup, snail, bus and unicorn

They have played this particular letter sound game with the My First Bananagrams, so they wanted to do something different. So I kicked it up a notch and broke out one of our new flash cards. This game, I’m not going to lie, took a loooonnnnggg time. But they were enjoying it and were engaged and actually doing a great job. So I think the lesson learned was that mommy needs to work on patience!


The girls chose the space flash cards, and I had the grand idea that we were going to spell out the names. So yes, we sounded out each of the five cards we picked out and spelled out the word using the seeds. I flipped all the seeds letter side up and that in and of itself turned into a game of what letter did I just flip over? What sound does it make? Then they found matches.

Then we finally got into the flash cards. I had them each pick two and I picked one. I even had to ask daddy to start dinner because it was taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. But it was a great learning experience for all of us.


Word-A-Melon is an awesome game that has so many possibilities! I have a few other ideas that include the dreaded pencil and paper, half the letters flipped, learning names, and finding words in books we read.

I truly love Bananagrams and all their games, we have quite a few of them and have never been let down. I highly suggest you check them out, especially if you homeschool! They make a great learning game or just play for fun (and they don’t know they are learning!).  I will continue to collect their fruits and other games and can guarantee we will continue to love them!

Our very favorites! Not included is the original Bananagrams, Party Edition, and Wild Tiles.

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