A Week Of Fun

My sister, we call her Auntie Fred, was here for one week for the girls’ birthday party. We wanted to get the most out of her visit, so that meant scheduling a LOT of stuff to do and places to go crammed into that one week.

Friday was the first day she was here, her plane arrived around 4 and she went home to our parents’ house. After we had dinner, I grabbed my ZipIt game and headed over there to chit chat. I hadn’t seen her since March. We played a few rounds of ZipIt and ended up tied.


The next day was the party. We had an ice cream themed party, the girls both decided on that in January. We did a BBQ complete with grilled corn and black bean burgers, watermelon and fries. I made cake that looked like three scoops of ice cream: a chocolate, white chocolate, and pink champagne cake, which the girls got to decorate with candies they got to choose themselves. We went out to dinner at our favorite (since I was in a baby carrier) restaurant with my grandma who was visiting as well. By the time we got home and got the girls to bed, I was so tired and ready for bed too!

Birthday 2017
3 scoops of “ice cream” cake decorated by Bug and Six, and crocheted ice cream cones

The day after the party Auntie Fred took some family pictures for us. Hubby and I had pictures done when we first got married and I decided we just HAD to recreate one of them. The original photographer (back in 2010! Who we are still in touch with) did an amazing job, she made this one picture in particular look like a book cover. Auntie Fred did a pretty darn good job at helping recreate that, I however am not nearly the photo shop queen that the original photographer was (she’s amazing, guys). Then I dropped off the girls and Hubby back at our house and took my sister to a few used book stores. I of course went very overboard because I am a book collector and have girls who love to have me read to them. I know, it’s awful.

Those three days seemed to go by crazy fast. It then turned into Monday and mini golfing. Oh boy. I was silly enough to attempt mini golf with Gwama, auntie Fred, and both of the girls…no Hubby. Remind me not to do this again without having some chocolate in the car for myself for afterwards. Good lord it was like herding caffeinated cats. They were having a grand time being Tasmanian devils (think Looney Toons twister Taz). They did do fairly good taking turns, but refused to remember how to hold the club so it turned into shuffleboard and towards the end there were no turns, but a free-for-all every girl for themselves. And if all that wasn’t crazy enough, we went to lunch after. One of the few places in our area with vegan food. Sadly because Bug is such a picky eater, I did have to pack her her own lunch, but they did very well waiting…so we took them to ice cream (at one of the few places locally with dairy-free ice creams).

Tuesday. Mommy hadn’t learned from Monday, and decided a trip to the fire station to visit my old boss for a ride in a firetruck was a good idea…by myself. No auntie Fred or Gwama, just me, Bug and Six. Preparing for little hurricanes, I was pleasantly surprised with very well behaved little munchkins! They were listening, they were polite, and they were mostly calm. We (they) got to sit in every fire truck in the station, we looked through all the compartments, we investigated their storage and rec areas, and they each got a set of gloves when we left. No ride was had, but it was still worth it!

Fire Truck ride
They got to sit in every fire engine and truck in the station!

Later that day Gwama and Auntie Fred took us to  the sole Natural History Museum in our area, it was a great little place, but it was not horribly kid friendly so we didn’t stay long. So we walked down to the same restaurant as the day before and tried to get both the girls to eat a pancake for lunch….it didn’t work well. Neither of the girls ate and were grumpy, so they shared the one lunch I brought because I had not thought that Six would refuse a pancake. But then we walked across the street to the frozen yogurt shop to find they had a dairy-free option (made with almond milk) and it was SO delicious! We got to chatting with the guy working there (turned out to be a close buddy of the owner), and as we were leaving offered a “sample” of their Oreo (Oreos are accidentally vegan!) milkshake with the dairy-free soft serve. I wasn’t going to say no to that, thinking it would be a little paper cup or something….nope, he made me and the girls a full 16oz Oreo milkshake no charge. He is my new favorite person and I came home and told daddy we had to go there on our next date night sans the girls.

I went home, went directly into a food coma, and mentally prepared for the next day.

Wednesday Gwama and Auntie Fred met us at the local botanical gardens. I had taken the girls there before, but not when all the flowers were in bloom. It was so beautiful and relaxing…even with the girls testing how far away from me they could get. We even made it to the grass spiral at the end of their hike. I have never made it that far without having someone meltdown or need to go potty. I was pleasantly surprised with a really nice view of… fog. Eh, it’s the area. We made it back down the trail and visited the butterfly house. So. Many. Butterflies! All so pretty and dainty. We were even able to spot a few caterpillars and pupa. This will for sure be a field trip spot when we get back into school work regularly. {We even ended up going back to the butterfly house on Saturday as well for our Get Out And Explore Day!} After all that walking we went to a pizza place and then walked around our local historic tourist town and saw some pretty sweet little shops. We came home and ate copious amounts of tacos daddy was awesome enough to make for us!

Thursday, Gwama wasn’t available and it happened to be Gwampa’s day off so off on an adventure we went. We loaded up Gwama’s car with two car seats plus their corresponding child, Auntie Fred, mommy and Gwampa. An long hour and a bit later we turned off onto a tiny little road that went through a field of elk and were greeted with a one-lane dirt road headed up into the trees. The sign said 8 miles to the beach but it was another 3 miles past that to our destination. So we bumped along at 15 mph, crossed some streams, almost got hit by some people taking the road way too fast, but we finally made it to the parking lot…with a bunch of other people. Bug of course couldn’t resist walking through the water even though there were strategically placed foot bridges to cross the streams. It was a beautiful but busy and short hike. We loaded back up and headed back into town to have dinner with daddy. When we got home with full bellies, mommy fell asleep at 7 pm and didn’t wake up till 7:30 am the next morning. Thank goodness I have such an awesome hubby!

After my hibernation, we had breakfast, read four chapters in James And The Giant Peach, got dressed and headed out to a local u-pick  blueberry farm. Bug and I picked 7lbs together while Six’s blueberry bucket was basically a funnel to her mouth. We couldn’t get bug to lick one but she did kiss one I bit in half…these blueberries were HUGE! We decided that snacking on blueberries wasn’t good enough for Auntie Fred’s last day of adventuring with us, so we went back to the frozen yogurt shop we went to on Tuesday. I got an Oreo milkshake again and Bug and Six both got cups of the non-dairy vanilla coated in sprinkles. Oh it was a good day. And because it was Friday, that meant Auntie Fred and Gwama came over for make-your-own pizza night (Friday pizza night has been a tradition for almost as long as Bug has been alive!). Yummy pizza was had, pictures were shared, blueberries were dipped in sauce, and Bug was gushing about how Auntie Fred was her favorite person.

This week of adventures rounded out our month of birthdays; both Bug and Six turned one year older this month and we celebrated with something little each day. This was the perfect end to a fun and busy month. We look forward to seeing Auntie Fred again at Christmas which now doesn’t seem that far away. But we have four more birthdays and one anniversary to go before Christmas!

A couple more pictures from our adventures:

A sign we saw while walking through town Wednesday.
Elk can be dangerous, but this sign is hilarious.