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In our homeschool we do not really follow a curriculum, we do not have a set schedule for homeschool work, and we use a lot of technology. Technology can be a tricky subject, some parents don’t believe in letting their kiddos use technology till they are older, others think that having time limits is the better way to go. I am in neither of those camps. There are some days…weeks even! that we go without turning on the computer, there are other days that turn into weeks that we use the computer almost all day.

I save weekends for watching the non-educational movies and shows. But during the week, if the computer is on, we are watching something educational. Leap Frog, Magic School Bus, The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That, or something along those lines. But we also LOVE watching Youtube. Especially for science. So I thought I would share our favorite Youtube channels and why we love them so much!

The Brain Scoop with Emily Graslie. This channel is made by the Field Museum in Chicago Illinois, they have experts there that Emily interviews and most recently she went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and left her DNA there for their research! We love the episode where she gets to see how bullet ant venom is used in science! They also have a video on how bird vomit helps us understand history…you can imagine the questions the girls had for me! Check her out here.

Grant Thompson The King Of Random. Grant’s channel is very science-y and he likes to set stuff on fire and melt things (safely). We have learned a lot from him, like how to make swamp water drinkable, that you cannot dye liquid nitrogen, how to set ice on fire, and what happens when you put stuff in a vacuum chamber (slime and pancake mix in a vacuum is our favorites!). He is very knowledgeable and explains what is going on with science! He has four kids so he is kid friendly! Something I am having a harder time finding, no cussing or being rude, just blowing stuff up! Check his channel out here!

CBeeBies. CBeebies has so much going on! It is a British channel with lots of fun colorful cartoons and singing. we use CBeebies for their bedtime stories though. Unfortunately I cannot find a channel for the bedtime stories, however if you go to Youtube and type in “CBeebies bedtime stories” a lot of videos and a really great playlist will come up! The bedtime stories are read/recited by actors and have great visuals and emotion! Check out the main CBeebies channel here.

VeggieTales! If you have Netflix Kids, you have most likely seen their show Veggietales In The House and Veggietales In The City. Both are new adaptations of the older Veggietales shows. We personally don’t use them for their religious aspects, but they have great messages and are really funny. The Veggietales Silly Songs are my personal favorite. I have Pizza Angel stuck in my head on a regular basis! Here is their channel!

The Slow Mo Guys!! This has quickly become Bug’s personal favorite, they blow stuff up or so funny things, like get in a 6ft water balloon, just to film it on their high speed camera! They like putting paint or colored powder in the things they explode to get awesome colors! Plus, British accent! Check out their latest episode where they put an airbag in a microwave here!

The Backyard Scientist. Now this guy is fun! he filled up his pool with water beads! But he also explains the science behind his experiments. He has made a fire vortex, broken into a huge safe, blown up watermelons, and again, HE FILLED HIS POOL WITH WATER BEADS!!! Check him out here.

The Spangler Effect with Steve Spangler. This guy is amazing! He has a show on Hulu and a few awesome channels on Youtube. He is I think in our top 3! He explains every little thing and gets really into what he is presenting. It makes his channel so fun to watch and very informative! If you visit his website, he also has kits you can buy as well as other fun experiments you can do at home! We often pick one of his videos and then replicate it for a science lesson. I highly recommend you check him out here!

Smarter Everyday. I love his devotion to learning. He really really wants to learn more about the world around us, why things do the things they do, what happens when, whats inside. He is really awesome at making things as simple as possible and giving great examples to help us understand what he is talking about. He has had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and go on some pretty epic field trips! Check him out here.

Bruce Yeany. He is a science teacher who seems to love doing experiments (for sure my kind of science class!). I do think his target age is a bit older than my girls are, however, we still love to watch and talk about what he is doing. Our favorite episode of his is the sand pendulum. Check out his experiments here.

Sesame Street. For those of us that choose not to have cable, Sesame Street can be hard to find. Their Youtube is really great when we are out and about because they have a lot of five minute and under videos. We love the episodes with Julia! You can find them here.

ZeeKay Junior has a lot of great shows on its channel, we personally love the Mr Maker episodes where they make art and tell a story! It is very colorful and fun! Check out Mr Maker and ZeeKay Jr here!

Bluebee TeeVee is….well, I will let them tell you! “Bluebee TeeVee the autism information station, a series of webisodes to empower autistic children and educate their peers about autism. Think Schoolhouse Rock meets Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in a quirky blend of educational entertainment. Episodes will focus on friendship, bullying, communication, safety and other important autism-related topics. Best of all, the series is being written, performed, filmed and edited by two young men on the autism spectrum”. I really love this! Show them some love and check them out here!!!

The Bearded Science Guy! He has some great experiments on his channel! We love anything Coke and Mentos, and he has lots of fire! Our favorite episode right now is the homemade lava lamp! Check him out here.

Cosmic Kids Yoga. I personally love this channel because I can put it on for the girls and have time to get a load of laundry going while they get their PE in for the day! Thier yoga episodes tell a story and have great (green screen) visuals! It is super fun, and I have even joined in! Fun yoga for kids here!

I really could go on and on, we love Youtube! We watch How To Cake It and My Cupcake Addiction for our foodie desires, and LiveEachDay for learning about other families. I would love to do a What We Watch On Netflix/Hulu post soon as well.

I really feel technology can be such a great resource, especially if you or your kiddo, like Bug and I, are very visual learners. She learned how to count to 100  by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s in one day of watching math song videos. It can be useful and powerful if you don’t abuse it! Have fun watching things explode or doing yoga! I hope this has been informative and useful!

Binge watch all the science!! Ready……go!


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