Bubble Bubble…Oh What A Beautiful Mess


Oh what fun it is to make a mess. Greater fun when you don’t have to clean it up, too!

In our last order through our Charter, I decided to get a box set of 10 bottles of liquid water colors. Not knowing what to do with them or why we would need them, but they were on sale and sales are awesome! Our box arrived tinted yellow because one of the bottles leaked. It sat in our garage for weeks until I saw a blog post about dying bubbles with food coloring and painting with them! Well I’m sure liquid watercolors could do that same thing!

Que dyed hands and blue “freckles” from splashes.


This was a very fun art project! If it wasn’t always breezy where we live it would’ve worked better.

It is also extremely simple! Just add liquid water colors to a container of bubbles and give it a mix, then blow some bubbles! I may use butcher paper next time, even though our 12″x18″ paper did great.


I do feel like a bit of a silly goose though. I poured our bubbles into old yogurt containers I save for paint and messy projects like this one, but we didn’t end up using all the bubble mix…not even close. I didn’t want to waste the colored bubbles so I put them back in their little containers that I had poured them out of……why didn’t I just color the bubbles IN the original container?! I don’t know, I blame my mommy brain.

Daddy set up our messy project table outside in the backyard for us and I got THEM dressed in messy play clothes. I however forgot to change and now have an awesome pink bubble splatter on my favorite t-shirt. But it was well worth it. Six also got too close to a few of the bulles as they popped and ended up with blue freckles all over her face. She was not very pleased, but it was adorable!

We have plans to write a few letters aka handprints and names, on these and gift them to a few family members. I also may frame one to go with the framed bubble wrap and glitter artwork Bug made her first day of her Special Day Class way back in 2014!

I will suggest:

  1. Do not do this inside.
  2. Do not do it near a white anything.
  3. Do not do this if it is breezy outside.
  4. DO do this outside.
  5. DO have fun!