Date Night Game For Two. A Review.

There are very few games that both my husband and I like, that are also great for our girls to play with as well. The girl’s don’t understand how to play Munchkin and that needs more than two people, we really dislike Monopoly even though I have an awesome I Love Lucy collectors edition Monopoly game, Clue needs more than two people, and Exploding Kittens just doesn’t seem like an awesome little kids game.

We love playing with Bananagrams though! It is an awesome game for my hubby and I to play together and awesome for the girls to play with and be able to learn from. I did a review for the My First Bananagrams here, and we still use them daily and have taken them with us on many occasions.

This is where ZipIt comes in. ZipIt is from the Bananagrams arsenal of games which, in my book, makes it automatically great. So when Bananagrams sent me a ZipIt game, I was so excited to do a review!


I wanted to be able to use this game not only for my hubby and I to play, but for the girls in our homeschool as well. It didn’t take too long for me to come up with a few ways to use them not as their intended purpose.

This game is so addicting! It did take me watching the Bananagram’s youtube video on how it is played for me to fully understand, but I can be a little slow on the draw sometimes. If you have played the original Bananagrams then you are sure to love Zipit. It is a little more challenging, which makes it a bit more fun!

So what is this magical game I keep gushing about?! Fine, I’ll tell you!

It is a word game made of dice with letters on them instead of numbers. This is what makes the game a bit more challenging than the regular Bananagram game; you have to look on all sides of the dice to find the letter you need to complete a word! There are 24 dice so you and a partner split them evenly, roll them all up and try to beat the other by forming a word grid using all your dice before they do! Then you are able to keep score with the two zippers on the sides of the carrying case.

The yellow zippered side is winning…that would be my hubby!

I have won three games out of the dozens my hubby and I have played. His brain is just so much faster than mine is at coming up with words. I do credit that to him having a job outside the house. I argue with an almost 4 year old all day, my word arsenal is not up to par to talking with adults any longer let alone a fast-paced word game! That doesn’t stop me from having fun playing though! I still want to play even though I will most likely be beaten!

We have even made our weekly dates include ZipIt. Yes we have weekly dates, and yes 99% of the time they do not involve leaving the house because babysitter. So for this particular one we broke out the frozen Girl Scout Thin Mints and went outside on the table that is still set up from our bubble art, put down a quilt that my great great grandma made, made our respective drinks (yes that is a Fallout mug–I married a nerd), and played till it got too chilly! And of course I lost again. I will keep playing till I loose no longer! And then I will play some more.

We have played on the rug while the girls color or look at books as well. I feel it is a good thing for them to see mommy and daddy playing together so they know how to act when they play a game, and also if they come over to watch we will sound out our words for them after the round so they can know what the heck we are doing!

See the numbers on the side there? That is the score card! the zipper keeps track of the score…ZipIt!

My hubby and I have played this game a LOT since we received it. It will for sure be a game I share about and play with others when given the opportunity (read: when I get to hang out with other adults in a non-meeting setting!). It is easy to pick up and easy to get addicted to! I am someone who loves Scrabble and Bookworm and word puzzles so this is just a great game to me.

There are also alternate rules included, or think up your own! We have a no proper noun rule, as in Scrabble, but not a no two letter word rule as we do follow in Scrabble; you totally could though. One alternate rule play I would love to do but could guarantee would end horribly is a Palindrome ZipIt! Where you can earn an extra two points for playing a palindrome word OR kick it up a notch and only play palindromes! That would be so hard for me, but sounds like a lot of fun! Or try long word, rhyming, only four letter words, or just words that start with G. There are so many ways to play to keep it fun and exciting!

I was also very determined to create ways to use ZipIt so that our girls would be able to use it as well. It wasn’t as hard as I originally thought it would be. It is almost exactly like Bananagrams except a lot less pieces. So we tried using the ZipIt pieces with some of our tried and true Bananagrams games: flash cards, say it/build it/ make it worksheet, spelling out words from books. All of those ideas worked great! But I wanted something new and different.

I actually got the idea from the Bananagrams Facebook page, they had shared a picture of someone using Bananagrams tiles in a way to teach letter sounds and words and I jumped on that! It was an awesome idea so I adapted it to fit our needs.

Letter sounds, beginning sounds, double sounds, simple words. These things are versatile and awesome!

We worked really hard on this game! We collected a few things from the toy boxes and I just kind of went with what they were trying to describe that thing as. The Mr. Brown book is a big deal here, both girls can read most of the words and they LOVE making the sounds, so the -oo sound in moo was the first thing they wanted to try to make. They found two O’s and we practiced making that sound and giggled at how our lips looked making it! The egg is green so we found the G sound in the bag. Boot starts with a B sound, and so on.

Six making the words BUS

ZipIt is a game I would highly suggest you check out! It is awesome for both adults and kids! I found a few good ways to use them that were not their intended purpose, as well as a few rules to play by when my hubby and I play as it was intended to be played.

Versatile, easy, fun, compact, and addicting! I would suggest these to any word-lover you know!


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  1. I love this! It sounds so fun and I want to go buy it now lol. And I love how you both take time to spend together.


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