To Our First Responders

I was recently presented with a unique opportunity to speak to a local fire Chief as well as a few first responders. I wrote a letter detailing a few of the major fears that go along with emergency situations and kids on the spectrum. I put out a call on a few social media groups, specifically groups of parents of kids with autism, and asked what they wanted first responders to know in an emergency situation.

I will also be following up on this topic with solutions to letting others (first responders) know that your kiddo is on the spectrum and how.

Some resources I found helpful were:

This is a very important topic for me because Bug is on the autism spectrum. It is not an easy subject to think about or discuss, but it is so important!

I will be speaking to multiple local fire departments in my area as well as groups and people who deliver presentations and trainings around the country on the subject of autism safety and first responders.

I am the daughter of a former first responder/paramedic, I grew up in a small town where you knew most all the fire fighters and even lived next to the chief of the volunteer fire department. I will be speaking to this department as well as a few others. I sincerely hope they as first responders will understand that kids (and teens and adults) on the spectrum are not trying to make their job harder, and will continue to learn about autism and the many ways individuals with ASD are affected.

This will be an ongoing topic on this blog for as long as I feel is necessary to get information about autism to our first responders. I will share my journey as a mom trying to spread awareness to hopefully help everyone involved.