We Do What Works was started because I felt the need to share our journey with you. I frequently wished, when we first got our diagnosis, that there was a space that shared true, real life happenings with their kiddo on the spectrum. So that I could see the progress, the troubles, and the many trials that got them to where they were. I hope to be that person that I had wished for. I won’t sugar-coat things and I will try to share as much as I can, so that you too may be able to find inspiration or hope.

I will share autism, homeschool, therapies and play-based learning and fun. I do not pretend to be an expert in any of these fields, however, I live each of these daily. I am an expert on my children and our homeschool. I love that we live in such a time where differences are celebrated, so if you do formal homeschool at a table every single day from 9am-3pm, that is awesome! If you roadschool, that is fantastic! If you are outside hiking, playing and learning about the world around us, that is great! Do what works.

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We Do What Works and you should too.